Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

strategy that an organization wants to execute. Rolling out as a complete end to end platform, addressing content governance through document management, next generation correspondence management, adaptive case management, and content analytics, or as a modular approach based on the suite of products that we provide, an organization can start with a quick win, then naturally scale to additional modules depending on the scope and budget of the project.
As a quick win, most of the organizations start with correspondence management that capitalizes on ad-hoc and collaborative workflows.
Next generation correspondence management system is much more than the traditional concept of capturing data pertaining to incoming and outgoing correspondence. In fact, 80% of our correspondence implementations in the region are related to migrating older system versions, and transcending from the traditional “Incoming/Outgoing” mindset to a next generation solution.


ECM as an umbrella term covers document management, Web content management, search, collaboration, records managementdigital asset management (DAM), workflow managementcapture and scanning. ECM is primarily aimed[by whom?] at managing the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival and eventual disposal. ECM applications are delivered[by whom?] in four ways:

  • on-premises software (installed on an organization’s own network)
  • software as a service (SaaS) (Web access to information that is stored on a software manufacturer’s system)
  • a hybrid composed of both on-premises and SaaS components
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) (which refers to online services that abstract the user from the details of infrastructure like physical computing resources, location, data partitioning, scaling, security, backup etc.)

ECM aims to make the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing, and retention.[citation needed] The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency, better control, and reduced costs.

Data Management

Data Capture​

Advanced data management tools are needed to collect, cleanse, convert, segment, code and consolidate content data from disparate content sources for a centralized aggregated “Big Data” ready for analysis. Everteam Intelligent Data Capture Software cover all incoming content in a mixed manner: automated for bulk ingestion of content and interactive for on-demand capture. Three types of tools are needed for the Data Ingestion phase:

  • Bulk Imports: to import data and files from Databases, File Systems
  • Form Management: to build form based processes for the interactive capture of data and documents.
  • Capture Processes: to build system based processes for the automated capture and validation of data and documents.

Data Integration

Enterprises nowadays depend heavily on the development of their IT departments in handling their information systems. Business operations on the other hand involve information processing, accessing, or sharing, causing a significant challenge in terms of time and resources. To handle this overload of data produced by various departments, and requiring a high level of organization and transformation, rapid data integration through advanced tools and platforms, has become a must.
Everteam.dataintegration Services (DIS) is an Enterprise Data Integration System that facilitates data movement from its source to a specified destination in a streamlined and automated, real-time or batch approach while undergoing a set of Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) operations to meet the desired outcomes.

Data Storage

The Ingestion phase results in extremely large data sets ingested and stored into the Big Data structures and linked to other internal and external data sets. Large data sets captured pose few major challenges:

  • Large data sets come in different types and formats: structured and unstructured, data from conventional databases, documents, emails, videos, biometrics…
  • Data flows in highly inconsistent volumes and peaks. Capturing, merging and managing content varieties pose a high technological challenge in preparing and organizing Big Data for analysis

A Big Data Storage Solution should comply with the 5 “V”s to handle very large Volumes requiring adequate automation to obtain better insights, within a Varietyof types and formats requiring advanced connectors and adaptors. In addition, overcome the technological challenges caused by the Velocity of data flowing in different peaks, while ensuring its Validity remaing. Volatility, on the other hand, is the most important factor in order to understand what data is out there and for how long the data need to “live” to satisfy the needs of an organization, which can help in defining retention requirements and policies for Big Data Storage.

Content Management​

Web App Studio

RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM Empower your teams to develop automated processes with minimal IT department dependency
Does your enterprise struggle with the need to create custom-built web responsive applications with limited to no IT support or custom coding? Do you need those applications to be content and process-driven and integrate with your existing IT infrastructure through standardized approaches and highly configurable web services interactions?
Everteam.webappstudio is a Rapid Application Development Platform, a highly flexible, fully web-based and customizable infrastructure capable of adapting to any business environment with minimum customization efforts. It also embeds advanced forms management for biographical, biometrical and documentary data entry with advanced routing and process automation technologies for approval cycles.

Document Management

Efficiently build, manage and structure corporate repositories. In this time of digital transformation and automated work processes, Information remains at the core of our concerns.  Organizations now need to go from just collecting data, to providing information, to acquiring knowledge and gaining insights. But to get there one should start with the basics, documents.
Everteam.document is a comprehensive Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for the management of the entire content lifecycle. It delivers a substantial amount of enterprise document management capabilities, helping customers reduce the amount of time and effort spent on managing corporate documents. It helps organizations improve productivity through controlled, audited and automated content management strategies.

Digital Assets Management

Improve your business, become agile,  and drive online customer engagement.Consumers today want to be engaged on multiple screens, multiple devices, across multiple channels… this requires a huge investment in enterprises around the globe, in order to better reach their customers, and create different forms of content that they can publish across all those different device types and channels. is a comprehensive and  automated solution that handles the challenging tasks of media assets creation, publishing, organization, management and archiving. It provides an integrated environment that engages stakeholders, empowers media content and reduces risks. Everteam Digital Assets Management System is capable of creating both media data and collections by organizing and classifying various types of digital assets. It allows users to effectively find, restore, share, and archive assets while providing advanced and sophisticated search tool which allows users to find media in an accurate -yet simple- way, using keywords, filters, and comprehensive sorting features.

Process Management

Process Automation​

Process orchestration and workflow automation for great customer and employee experiences

Businesses face many challenges when they attempt to optimize and automate their operations, but they don’t need another heavy enterprise solution. Consider the following situations:

  • You already have a mature technology in place, but you need an easy way to inject process automation into your solutions, such as a web portal or a mobile app.
  • You have an aging codebase and a hard-coded solution that is difficult to maintain. What you need are lego blocks to help you rebuild and modernize your systems.
  • You want to implement process automation quickly, something that will work with the systems you have in place today.

everteam.process is a Business Process Automation Software that can utilize the data and processes in your existing systems, orchestrate and automate these systems’ interactions and processes, and expose the results to your business applications, web portals and mobile applications.

Case Management

Organizations manage complex business processes that deal with a regular flow of incoming and outgoing documents and actions. These requests need to be processed consistently and efficiently, regardless of their format and channel (letter, e-mail, fax, etc…), in accordance with the company procedures: the reception of a claim letter requires a suitable response; a supplier invoice needs to be checked by a contracts department prior to payment by accounts. Complex cases that include many participants and documents over a given period of time need to be handled in an automated, fast and accurate way.

In order to ensure the smoothness of the workflow for the organization, and the desired satisfactory outcome of the client, a dynamic case management solution is needed. Everteam Case Management System enables companies looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated to these processes, to model, deploy and monitor key business processes in an agile manner, by optimizing both workload distribution and processing time.

Correspondence Management​

Manage correspondences in a timely, consistent and efficient manner.

Due to the multiple forms that correspondence may take, from paper documents, letters, emails, electronic documents, fax and web content… manually dealing with incoming and outgoing correspondence leads to higher processing time, inefficient information worker allocation and increased cost for managing and monitoring this massive amount of information.

Everteam Correspondence Management System provides seamless automation to help organizations save millions of dollars spent on managing customer correspondence, while enhancing their service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and improving overall productivity.

Archiving and Records Management

Information Policy Management

everteam.policy is an effective tool for capturing, documenting and maintaining retention and governance policies for the entire enterprise.

Organizations face a number of challenges as they work to ensure their information asset management strategies are compliant with industry regulations and compliance requirements. Over-retention, non-homogeneous data classification schemas, and an ever-growing need to manage privacy better propel the need for more comprehensive information governance policies.  

everteam.policy is a simple-to-use SaaS solution that allows organizations to quickly develop, publish and maintain enterprise-wide information policies. It supports a hierarchical classification scheme, comprehensive retention rules and customizable information properties to capture your complete set of governance policies.

everteam.policy acts as a central information register, providing the ability to define, maintain, and publish information governance policies in one location for the entire organization in a repository-agnostic manner, including data lifecycles, retention and deletion rules.

everteam.policy is available as a multi-tenant SaaS solution or as an on-premise or private cloud product configuration.



As businesses expand their operations, the number of documents issued increases over time. Organizations find themselves facing the task of handling numerous documents –paper and digital- scattered in the storages of many divisions, departments, and branches. In addition, long-term retention of data must be done for different regulatory compliance and standards that meet the specifications of business and governmental legislation. Therefore, managing and retaining these records is a must for the success of modern businesses.

Everteam Document Archiving Solution known as everteam.archive is an inclusive solution for document archiving. It effectively handles large numbers of structured and unstructured data, whether paper or electronic. The system ensures high level of security and accessibility in compliance with international archival standards and legal requirements. everteam.archive provides centralized and unified archiving repository acting as a safe repository to remain compliance, reduce costs, facilitate operations, and ensure the durability and legal value of the company’s records.

Data Visualization and analytics

Content Analytics

Most organizations are challenged with managing the volume of big data they deal with every day. Traditional business intelligence tools and text analysis are inefficient, and can’t make sense of this information.
Adopting a strategic approach around “Big Data” issues has become a necessity for companies, as enterprise content management enters a new era of content analysis.

Everteam Content Analytics Software known as provides a simple answer to better exploit and enhance your content. Using real-time analysis, decision makers get actionable insights to help identify recurring trends or complex issues.It provides powerful automatic analysis, exploitation and enhancement functions for large volumes of content, formats and heterogeneous sources. Its dynamic and user-friendly interface facilitates access to targeted strategic information is a federated search and content analytics solution powered by natural language processing capabilities. It enables users to gain insights into structured and unstructured content indexed from multiple sources and systems.

File & Content Analytics


All companies deal with multiple systems that store information (e.g. CRM, ERP, file shares, email, cloud drives).

These siloed systems lead companies to lose global control of their information, increasing the costs and risks related to data theft and non-compliance of privacy and retention regulations. enables you to find, clean, organize and search all your content from a central location, helping you simplify regulatory compliance, preserve sensitive data, migrate documents to archives or the cloud.

Typically, the connect and discover steps result in a reduction in the volume of the stored content of from 40 to 70%.

Link Analysis

Visualize large amounts of data collected for improved decision making

With national security becoming more and more a critical issues across nations, military, security and defense are required  to take quick and adequate decisions aiming at preventing (proactive) and disrupting (reactive) terrorist activities.

Evertam Link Analysis Software known as Everteam.linkanalysis is an advanced solution that allows analysts to visualize large amounts of data collected by organizations in order to accurately identify links between individuals, locations, and events.The solution embeds a visually appealing, graphical interface showing links and trends hidden in the big amount of data that analysts usually deal with. It also provides a geospatial analysis to display entities, actions and links on a map. It also provides easy to use means aiming at adequately mapping data in a relational structure into Entities, Actions, Extensions ,Links, Filters and others.

ECM Connectors and Extensions

EVERTEAM ECM CONNECTORS PACKAGES Business Applications users live in their application environment, be it ERP, CRM, a custom LOB application or even e-mail client. Solutions in the EverSuite ECM Connectors family enable business users to contribute, access, process and preserve content in an enterprise repository from the comfort of their business application – without requiring complex integration projects – thus bringing enterprise content even closer to key business users.

Document control for engineering

Document engineering is a document-centric synthesis of complementary ideas from information and systems analysiselectronic publishing, business process analysis, and business informatics to ensure that the documents and processes make sense to the people and applications that need them. Originating from research published by Robert J. Glushko and Tim McGrath, document engineering attempts to unify these different analysis and modeling perspectives and helps to specify, design, and implement documents and the processes that create and consume them.


Adept is a simple, powerful and scalable engineering document management solution that helps companies find, manage, share and secure business and design content across the enterprise. It is affordable, easy-to-use, and fast to implement. Companies of all sizes use Adept to manage their critical engineering documents across departments or globally dispersed design teams.
The Adept product suite includes all of these options:

  • Adept Desktop
  • Adept Web Clients
  • Adept PublishWave
  • Adept Vault Replication
  • Adept Integrator